Jamie Holmes was born and raised in Paincourtville, Louisiana. He is a father of 3 and married to his wife Crystal Holmes. While growing up Jamie had a great passion for cooking, however he set his sights on foods that were not the norm. Instead of your ordinary meals he wanted to think outside the box. Taking regular movie snack foods and turning them into real meals. Jamie created not just a restaurant, but an idea. That the food he makes can be fun, creative, as well as diverse. His vision does not only stop at restaurants. He plans on having food trucks along side of the restaurant franchise. So for those who might not have time for a sit down, he has you covered. This is just the beginning for Jamie and ChimiZone. Be on the lookout for everything he has in store from new locations, new dinner items, and new dessert items. We hope to see your support along the journey in making his ChimiZone dream come to life